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January 18, 2010
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August 4, 2011

Leave school you are HIV positive

The social stigma behind the HIV+ persons in the society hasn’t changed much. Even tough the government claims to put in crores of rupees in the awareness nothing seems to change the mindset of the people on the ground.

7 students studying from Std 2 to 6 of the Government Kannada Medium Higher Primary School at Kanbargi were told to leave the exam hall in the middle of the exams as the teachers thought all were HIV+ as all are residents of Aadhar, the orphanage run by Mahesh Foundation which also takes care of HIV + children.

The students came back to the orphanage crying and weeping in haste and when they told what happened to them. Mahesh Jadhav of foundation went to the school to ask how the teacher knew that these children were HIV+.
The teachers of the school told the young lads that they are suffering from an incurable disease and that they wont live for long.

None of these seven children are HIV+, Mahesh Jadhav said that children with HIV+ are sent to school next door and only 5 children out of the 25 taking shelter at Aadhar are HIV+.

Headmistress of the school P G Udikeri said, We don’t allow HIV positive children in the school as the parents of other students oppose it. She also said there was a separate school for these children in Sadashiv Nagar. Recently, parents stopped sending their children to a government school in Sadashiv Nagar when they found that HIV positive children were studying there.

Deputy Director of Public Instruction V.M. Patil, who went to the school and ensured that the children appeared for the examination.

The DDPI instructed the staff to allow the children to write the exam and threatened action if they caused problems.