About Us

Non Government Organization

Mahesh Foundation, a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS in society by ensuring them education and encouraging them to fight against HIV/AIDS deadly disease.

Takes Care of HIV Infected Kids

Lack of sensitivity and awareness, societal conditions, general apathy is some of the factors that increase vulnerability and the risks associated with the spread of HIV. Mahesh Foundation has been engaged in addressing the needs of vulnerable groups with community participation at all levels.

Aims at controlling the growth of AIDS

By having a formidable presence in its area of operations and well-established networking, it has adopted Advocacy as its basic approach. Working in close alignment with Governmental and non-governmental agencies, it is striving towards controlling the growth of AIDS through preventive and aggressive strategies.

Fights for the betterment of HIV Infected People.

"Mahesh Foundation" which is continuously fighting for the betterment of peoples infected of AIDS. It coordinates with government to identify such peoples who are unaware of this deadly disease and provide them with proper care and medication, and it also counsels such peoples and tries to make them aware about this disease and convince them that proper medication can keep them alive and healthy.

Provides Shelter for Orphaned Kids

There is no support for them to acquire the skills and knowledge in their own world, without undermining their importance in decision-making and preparing for their future. So studying all these facts which were heartbreaking, Mahesh Jadhav was motivated to start Shelter for such children. Mahesh Foundation is committed to HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support and was established with a personal contribution of Rs. 1.50 lacs by Mahesh Jadhav, a young businessman who became a philanthropist at the young age of 24 years.

Creates Awareness about HIV

Mahesh Foundation is dedicated to continuously create awareness by conducting various programs in schools, colleges and public institutions. We aim to provide shelter to 100 orphans which will include HIV/AIDS children in the coming years. We also wish to fulfil every requirement of orphans, by providing them with stomach full of nutrient foods. Focusing on education of the orphans, which indeed is most important objective. Special Care for Orphans with HIV, by providing them special proteins and providing medical care.