When many others of his age are focusing on their career chasing worldly pursuits. 24-year-old Mahesh Jadhav is working towards a noble cause that makes a positive difference in the lives of many. He is giving a new lease of life to HIV positive children by taking care of their needs and motivating them to lead a positive life.

Without any government support, Mahesh is looking after of 55 HIV positive children who are in the 4-17 age groups. It all started when Mahesh visited the City Civil Hospital four years ago and saw a four-year—old HIV infected child abandoned by parents and lying neglected at the hospital without proper treatment. The incident moved Mahesh who then decided to do his might to lessen the miseries of such children and bring them to the mainstream.

He began adopting HIV children and thought of opening a hostel for them. But he could not succeed in renting out any place. Owing to the social stigma people attach, to HIV patients.

Finally. After persuading his family members. He started providing accommodation to the children in his home itself.

'Aadhar' for Many

After two years in August 2010, Mahesh opened 'AADHAR' a home for these children at kanbargi and later in April 2012 he opened one more center called ASHAKIRAN at Ramthirth At present both the homes accommodate about 55 children.
The day begins for these children with physical and mental activities like jogging, exercise, yoga and prayer.
Due to their health condition, many of these children were thrown out the school.
However, Mahesh fought with the officials of the education department and succeeded in admitting them back. "In Belgaum District there are nearly 24,000 people With HIV, among them 1,600 are children. Of them, nearly 450 orphan children. We need nearly Rs 1.5 lakh per month to provide them food and shelter and take care of their other needs,''
By having a formidable presence in its area of operations and well-established networking, it has adopted Advocacy as its basic approach. Working in close alignment with Governmental and non-governmental agencies, it is striving towards controlling the growth of AIDS through preventive and aggressive strategies. Community mobilization is one of core strategies adopted by the Foundation to bring about a rapid transformation in the social conditions that make communities vulnerable to the spread of AIDS.
"Mahesh Foundation" which is continuously fighting for the betterment of peoples infected of AIDS. It coordinates with government to identify such peoples who are unaware of this deadly disease and provide them with proper care and medication, and it also counsels such peoples and tries to make them aware about this disease and convince them that proper medication can keep them alive and healthy.
There is no support for them to acquire the skills and knowledge in their own world, without undermining their importance in decision-making and preparing for their future. So studying all these facts which were heartbreaking, Mahesh Jadhav was motivated to start Shelter for such children. Mahesh Foundation is committed to HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support and was established with a personal contribution of Rs. 1.50 lacs by Mahesh Jadhav, a young businessman who became a philanthropist at the young age of 24 years.