Our Inspiration and Leadership

Mr. Suresh Hundre

A visionary, a businessmen, a mentor, a social worker, all these are the words which come to mind when one thinks of Mr. Suresh Hundre.

Mr. Suresh Hundre took over the executive responsibility of Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. At a time when the Company faced cash flow problems due to pending payments and very high inventory leading to pressure working capital management. With his business acumen and visionary thoughts, Mr. Hundre not just analyzed and corrected the situation but also grew the business 30% year after year.

Setting a profitable zero Debt Company, with employee-empowerment and no bribery is indeed an inspirational success story and so numerous case studies by prominent management Gurus mentions his name. Influenced deeply by Swami Vivekananda, the Gita and Ricardo Semler’s Maverick, Mr. Hundre set an example of an ethical and transparent business environment thereby acting as a mentor to the young entrepreneurs of today.

Simple living and high thinking is precisely what defines Mr. Hundre. He chose to walk on a difficult path because it was the right path and we know that difficult path would be faced with many challenges. This journey of Mr. Hundre too must have not been an easy one but indeed he has managed to travel it with grace and proved that right path may come difficult but the sweet fruits of it will be reaped forever!!

Contribution of Mr. Hundre towards the society just begins here. He serves the society not just by practicing ethical business but also by making generous contributions for the purpose of mankind. His greatness can be gauged by the fact that he considers social work as an activity which relaxes him which means it gives him peace!

Words fall short to pen down the contribution of Mr. Hundre. All we can say is he is a role model for young entrepreneurs and the new generation not just as an role Model for doing good business but doing ethical business and being a complete human being by selfless contribution towards the society.