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National Award For Child Welfare

Mahesh Foundation has been working to provide a dignified and independent life to the medically challenged and underprivileged children for the past 11 years. Through the years, thousands of underprivileged children are supported by Mahesh Foundation. The Government of India had recognized the services of the Mahesh Foundation towards society’s vulnerable communities and honored the foundation by the highest and prestigious national award for child welfare in 2017.

Karnataka State Award 1

Karnataka State Award for Child Welfare

The Government of Karnataka recognizes the individuals and institutions every year who make a valuable contribution to the welfare of deprived children of the society and honour them with the state’s highest award in child welfare. Recognizing Mahesh Foundation’s contribution to the society the state government honoured the organization with the state award in “Child Welfare” in the year 2014. It’s been 5 years of the inception of the foundation and state recognition that has made Mahesh Foundation work even better.

DH : Changemaker 20 in 20 Award

As the world enters into the new decade, everyone hopes for new opportunities, missions and sets goals to achieve them at the end of the decade. The Mahesh Foundation has also targeted a mission that is to construct a school for the underprivileged children and provide them with free international quality education. Deccan Herald an English Daily has recognized the service and mission of the foundation in the last decade. They awarded the founder among the 20 Changemakers in 2020 to look upon. Deccan Herald has provided a platform to know the work of the Mahesh Foundation in national and international reader’s communities.

All about Belgaum

Person of the year 2010

Everything was started in Belagavi from finding a boy in the government hospital to empowering thousands of children to the date. All the Belagavians feel proud of the Mahesh Foundation for the work towards the transformation of the lives of needy children of the society. Mahesh Foundation is firstly recognized by the local media. All about Belgaum is a media platform and honoured the founder of Mahesh Foundation as “Person of the Year” in 2010 for leading the team in all possible ways to serve society even better day by day.

Public Hero Award - 2017

Public Hero is a program of a well-known news channel of Karnataka Public TV. They recognize the heroes throughout Karnataka who are making a difference in society. Mahesh Foundation is also one among them which is bringing the difference in the lives of HIV infected and less privileged children in society. There are thousands of children who are supported by the foundation and shaping their future with the help of the foundation. Mahesh Foundation was recognized as the “Public Hero” and telecasted a program interviewing the founder. He had conveyed the story associated with the foundation.

Zee Kannada Hemmeyya Kannadiga

Zee TV Hemmeya Kannadiga - 2018

Mahesh Foundation’s noble work has been noted by various institutions. This has increased the widespread of the foundation and also enabled it to reach more children in this short period. Many national and local media covered the work of the foundation and Zee Kannada is also one of them. Zee Kannada has honoured the foundation and awarded the founder a “Hemmeya Kannadiga” as the foundation is proud of Karnataka. Being located in Karnataka, the organization reached most parts of Karnataka.

Suvarna News Asaamanya Kannadiga - 2018

There are thousands of children around us who are less privileged and Mahesh Foundation has established a motive to create a bright future for the children and embody it every other day. As the foundation started working and accomplishing the targeted mission, many government and non-government institutions have been recognizing the service. Suvarna News- Kannada Prabha is also one of the institutions who honoured the founder with the award “Asmanya Kannadiga”. They commended the teamwork of the foundation by the award.

Vaibhav Phalnikar Memorial Award

Late Vaibhav Smruti Puraskar 2012

Those were the initial stages of Mahesh Foundation where it had just started taking off. Yet the foundation was supporting many children and the contributions of the foundation had been recognized by an organization of Maharashtra known as Vaibhav Phalnikar Foundation. They conferred the award Vaibhav Phalnikar Memorial Award to the founder for the outstanding work in enriching the lives of HIV infected children. Vaibhav Phalnikar Foundation is also an NGO that is working in the field of Education and Literacy.

Guddleppa Hallikeri Memorial Award

Gudleeppa Hallikeri Seva Gurav 2012

Gudleppa Hallikeri was an Indian freedom fighter who is a native of Hosaritti in Haveri district of Karnataka state. He worked with many other freedom fighters using peace protests and non-violence. In the memory of Gudleppa Hallikeri, the Gudleppa Hallikeri Memorial Award will be awarded every year to the achievers in various fields. Considering the works of Mahesh Foundation towards social welfare and empowerment of HIV children, awarded the memorial award to the foundation in the year 2011. The award was presented by the then editor-in-chief of the Times Group to the founder of the Mahesh Foundation. 

Sprite of Humanity

Americares Spirit of Humanity

Americares India Foundation is a non-profit that works for the improvement of the lives of people affected by poverty and disaster to reach their full potential. Americares India Foundation recognized the valuable contribution of the Mahesh Foundation towards supporting society’s one of the most vulnerable communities that is HIV children to stand firm. They considered an outstanding contribution to healthcare in the category of infections and awarded it in Mumbai in the year 2012. 

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