Extent of Geographical area covered

As of now with limited resources, we are mostly concentrating within Belgaum district. According to the survey, the concentration of HIV+ is as below


The instances say that two CLHIV children on an average die because of non availability of proper nutrition food, as it is not practical to shelter all 1600+ children. AADHAR is trying to at least supply nutritional food and education support to CLHIV so that it helps to keep them alive.

Mahesh Foundation has built up a network called "AADHAR HIV/AIDS Helpline" which is continuously fighting for the better treatment of peoples infected of AIDS. It coordinates with government to identify such peoples who are unaware of this deadly disease and provide them with proper care and medication, and it also counsels such peoples and tries to make them aware about this disease and convince them that proper medication can keep them alive and healthy.

We "Concentrate on Cause more than a Cure"

we work on the cause that is to teach people to prevent themselves by HIV/AIDS and lead a very cheer full life. But some people are already affected by HIV/AIDS and they have to get the treatment (nutrition support) to survive and they have to be as an example to the one who thinks that it is the end of life.

We have a intention to cover the state by the cause HIV/AIDS but whatever the intentions are the very important thing here is support that may be by money, moral support, or by any resources as the count of affected HIV/AIDS increases we need lot of resource, money, people and time.

As Mahesh Foundation is working for rehabilitation of HIV/AIDS affected orphans and affected children, we have seen that there are other people in need of help , these people are the poor part of a same society where we live, it is our responsibilities to help the one in need and develop their life style. We think to reach out more people and make network of people to help the needy around the state and reach out the one who is really poor and needy.

We have intended to follow the cause HIV/AIDS Prevention and made a plan to reach affected people and give them a supporting hand and provide reliable information about HIV.