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A paradise for the Medically Challenged Children

What we do at our Home?

We have been working for the past 12 years to empower society’s most neglected HIV infected children. Over the years, we have reached more than 2000 HIV infected children to support their education, healthcare, and other basic needs that help them shaping a bright future. We have been providing nutrition, healthcare, and education in our care home. Our care home is located in the Kanabargi area of Belagavi, Karnataka. Many children who enrolled in our care home are living a healthy and independent life.

Our Challenges

All the children are either orphans or single parents and abandoned by their relatives. They lack education and proper care because of their ignorance. They have nowhere to go and they face stigma from society. They are desperately in need of support to live an independent and dignified life.

There are many challenges that these children have to face such as discrimination, stigma, and ignorance throughout their life. The disease doesn’t kill the patient but the stigma. They couldn’t come to mainstream society because of the ignorance and stigma of relatives and society make children mentally weak.


Our Solution

CSR Partnerships
Our children care home was established 12 years ago and since then it has benefited more than 2000 children directly or indirectly. It ensures safe accommodation, nutrition, education, and healthcare to HIV infected children as well as the same amount of love and affection. 

In this care home, one housemother takes care of every 10 children. These children never feel that they do not have parents. Many children whose health conditions were critical when they entered the care home are now healthy and fit. This is possible because of the proper care and treatment that has been given to the children. Primary and Higher Primary level education is provided to HIV infected and the underprivileged children. Along with formal education, these children get skill training that strengthens them to lead their life independently.

Our Impact

The first child of the care home was once counting the days and doctors had lost hope to save this child. But the child recovered because of the proper care and affection. Many children were in this condition and now they are living a healthy life. 

Most of the children have completed their education or vocational training. Many children are studying for competitive exams or working to live their life with dignity. To the date. The care home has impacted the lives of more than 2000 HIV infected children.

Our Impact Stories


Ganesh is an inspiring our children. He is currently preparing for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams. 



Rajesh is happily living in the care home. He loves playing cricket. He aspires to be an engineer.


Anjali looked after her two younger siblings, studied under solar lighting and stood first in grade 12. 


Mahesh Foundation took the charge and incentivized families with housing who sent their children to school.

Our Highlights

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Ganesh's Story

Ganesh lives with his parents in the shanty town in the outskirts of Belagavi. The family lives under temporary make-shift shed without electricity, running water and sanitation. Ganesh continued to study under the street lamp and completed his high school. His family encouraged him to continue his studies but had limited resources to fund for his education. The Foundation identified Ganesh’s potential when he was struggling to continue his studies. The Foundation through its Education Support Program started to fund his education from grade 9 grade. With this financial support, Ganesh excelled in the studies and completed his graduation with excellent marks. Ganesh is currently preparing for Indian Civil Services examinations. He aspires to be an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer. Ganesh continues to be a role model and he has a positive influence on the other children in the community. He is the Foundation’s evangelist for positive change.

Rajesh's Story


Rajesh (name changed) was born HIV positive by birth. Both his parents died of AIDS when he was 3 years old. After the death of his parents the orphan child was abandoned on the streets of the village by his relatives. Since Rajesh did not have access to ARV drugs, he developed multiple health complications and his health condition was critical.  One day a local villager called Mahesh and explained the status of the child abandoned on the street. Mahesh immediately went to the village and transferred the child to a government hospital for medical intervention. After a few days Rajesh recovered, and he was enrolled into the Foundation’s care home.  Rajesh is a teenager and is living in Asha Kiran, care home for medically challenged girls and boys. He is hale and healthy attending grade 7 in the local government school. Rajesh is excelling in his studies and loves playing cricket. Rajesh aspires to be an engineer. 

Anjali's Story

Anjali is the eldest of the three siblings. She has two younger brothers. The family is supported by her mother, a single parent. The mother sells petty items from door to door, earns around Rs. 200 on a good day and feeds the family. The family live in a 10 square feet temporary home built by Mahesh Foundation. Anjali’s mother’s priority was to educate the two boys. Anjali was encouraged to do household work and take care of the two younger siblings. The foundation recognised Anjali’s potential and counselled the mother to educate Anjali. In return the Foundation built a house for the family on a condition that Anjali will be educated. With the financial support of Mahesh Foundation Anjali excelled in her studies and completed her high school. She stood first in her class in Grade 12.  The Foundation has employed Anjali as Teaching Assistant in Utkarsha, the Foundation’s school for medically challenged and underprivileged children . She has enrolled into the D.Ed. program.  Anjali’s ambition is to be a successful teacher and assist her family and the community.

Housing Story

In 2013, the Foundation identified 26 poorest of the poor families living in the shanty town around Belagavi city. These families had school going children who were either left on the streets or they were doing odd jobs. Girls as young as 6-10 years were busy cooking, washing clothes, fetching water from common taps and taking care of younger siblings at home.  The Foundation approached these families and offered these families  a house if they agreed to send their children to school.  Over the last six years, the Foundation is successful in educating over 90 children. These children have either graduated or are studying. The Foundation regularly monitors the progress of the children.