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LogMeIn is a multinational company that provides software service and cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management, and customer engagement, founded in 2003 and based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company’s products give users and administrators access to remote computers. LogMeIn has been supporting Mahesh Foundation for the past many years and helping to support the education of children. CSR initiatives in collaboration with LogMeIn helped Mahesh Foundation to provide a quality and skill-based education to the underprivileged children. Our mission of helping the children to get a quality education and lead a dignified life in the future has been accomplished by the support of LogMeIn.
Belgaum Aqua Valves was established in 1992. Since then the company has been building on a heritage of initiative and innovation, offering a wide spectrum of Industrial Valves. The Product Range covers Industrial Valves for wide applications ranging from General Service to Refineries, Petrochemicals, Oil & Gas Pipeline, Terminal Chemicals as well as Cryogenic and several applications.
Belgaum Aqua Valves has been supporting Mahesh Foundation for the past 6 years in providing education to less privileged children. They have provided the vehicles under the CSR initiatives for the conveyance of children where many slum children of nearby locality come to Utkarsha School to learn. This made Mahesh Foundation to pick up and drop the children on time and ensured comfortable learning.
Textron India Private Limited is one of the world’s best-known multi-industry companies with its business organized within five segments: Bell, Textron Aviation, Textron Systems, Industrial and Finance. The company leverages its global network of aircraft, defense, industrial, and finance businesses to provide customers with innovative products and services.
Textron has been supporting Mahesh Foundation in sustainability, sponsored the Solar Grid for the foundation under the CSR initiative, and made it self-reliant in power consumption. The whole premise is consuming solar power without interruption also independent of state electricity boards. The coming days are reserved for such sustainable energy sources, so Mahesh Foundation became the solar energy reliant with the help of Textron.
Dassault Systèmes, the 3DEXPERIENCE Company, provides business and people with virtual universes to imagine sustainable innovations. Its world-leading solutions transform the way products are designed, produced, and supported. Dassault Systèmes’ collaborative solutions foster social innovation, expanding possibilities for the virtual world to improve the real world.
Dassault Systemes has been associated with Mahesh Foundation for the past 7 years and supported the education and women empowerment initiatives of the Mahesh Foundation. In collaboration with Dassault Systemes, Mahesh Foundation has created a livelihood for slum dweller women and also equipped the school Utkarsha with the latest digital technologies and helped the children of slum dwellers to learn through digital devices. Both the teams visited flood-hit North Karnataka villages and distributed school kits to thousands of children who lost school material in the flood.
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Tata Motors Limited, formerly Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO) is an Indian multinational automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a part of Tata Group, an Indian conglomerate. Its products include passenger cars, trucks, vans, coaches, buses, sports cars, construction equipment, and military vehicles for the past 75 years.
Tata Motors has been associated with Mahesh Foundation for the past many years. They are providing the volunteers to Mahesh Foundation to help in reaching the programs of the foundation to the targeted community. Education is another sector that has been supported by Tata Motors under corporate social responsibility. Tata Motors also joined hands with the Mahesh Foundation in HIV awareness activities covering most part of Karnataka.
Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company based in Michigan is an American company that produces office furniture, equipment, and home furnishings. Some signature products are the Equa chair, Aeron chair, Noguchi table, Marshmallow sofa, and the Eames Lounge Chair. Herman Miller places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of its customers.
Herman Miller company has been supporting Mahesh Foundation for many years and is associated with supporting the education of underprivileged children. Both worked together when the floods hit North Karnataka in 2019. Mahesh Foundation and Herman Miller team visited the schools to distribute the school kits to the children who lost it. Herman Miller under CSR initiatives has opted to Mahesh Foundation as an implementing agency to benefit the needy strata of society.
The Indo-Schottle company was set up to manufacture and supply engine valve collets to the Indian OEMs.Today, Indo Schöttle is India’s leading manufacturer of precision machined and cold-formed parts, leveraging state-of-the-art technology. The company has its manufacturing operations in Pune and Belagavi, India, and its products are sold globally.
Indo Schottle has been associated with Mahesh Foundation and they have been benefiting thousands of children supporting their education. Indo Schottle has helped Mahesh Foundation in constructing the new premise. They supported Mahesh Foundation to construct the dormitory for girls where many underprivileged children get shelter. Classrooms of Utkarsha schools are also sponsored by Indo Schottle.
Praxair India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Praxair Inc., was formed, with its headquarters in Bangalore. Today, Praxair India is the leading industrial gas supplier in India, with more than 35 operating locations, a national distribution network, and an impressive list of clients. Praxair also has other active lines of business such as specialty gases, carbon dioxide, health care, surface technologies, and hard goods.
Praxair India Pvt. Ltd. has been a prolonged supporter of the Mahesh Foundation where they have sponsored the infrastructure facilities of the foundation. Praxair has supported the conveyance of school children as well as assisted in the construction of the classrooms. Utkarsha learning center is the school that provides qualitative skill education to slum children. The Mahesh Foundation has associated with Praxair to accomplish it.
REC Engineering Products Private Limited is a manufacturing export unit, established in 1985, in the city of Belagavi, India. REC is supplying custom made finished components, in Cast iron, Ductile Iron, Bronze, and Stainless steel, mainly catering to the Pump and Valve industry, to various international grades as per customer’s specifications. REC has a long experience in the field of foundry and engineering works.
REC Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has joined hands with Mahesh Foundation and is working for the noble cause for the past many years. They are coordinating with Mahesh Foundation to work in the education sector. Collaborating, supporting the education of thousands of children. Under the corporate social responsibility, they have sponsored some parts of the construction of premises of Mahesh Foundation.
Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd (PPL) is the flagship company of Polyhydron Group of Industries. Three young, dynamic entrepreneurs, namely, Mr. S.B.Hundre, Mr. V.K.Samant, and Mr. D.S.Chitnis started a company called Hyloc Hydrotechnic in 1974. Polyhydron manufactures Hydraulic Radial Piston Pumps, Industrial & Mobile Hydraulics Valves, and Accessories. It has an effective Stockist Network throughout India which markets PPL products.
Polyhydron Foundation is a social venture of Polyhydron Pvt. Ltd. The company is one of the leading partners of Mahesh Foundation for the past 10 years. Polyhydron has been working with Mahesh Foundation in healthcare and education. They have sponsored the construction of the dormitory for HIV infected children in Mahesh Foundation under the CSR initiative. In collaboration with Polyhydron, Mahesh Foundation has initiated many projects in healthcare and education and successfully implemented them.
Big Bazaar is an Indian retail chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. The retail chain was founded by Kishore Biyani under his parent organization Future Group which is known for having significant prominence in Indian retail and fashion sectors. Big Bazaar is also the parent chain of Food Bazaar, Fashion at Big Bazaar, and eZone where at locations it houses all under one roof.
Big Bazaar partnered with Mahesh Foundation as both are coordinatively working for the past 7 years. Big Bazaar has been supporting the education field as they sponsor education support for many underprivileged children. They also enabled a special donation box of Mahesh Foundation in their stores where customers visiting their retail outlet donate for sponsoring school stuff to children. North Karnataka flood in 2019 is one of the instances where both worked for the affected people.
GRUH Finance started operations in 1988 as a subsidiary of HDFC, the pioneer in housing finance in India. GRUH Finance had 195 branches across 11 states in India. With a focus on rural India, Gruh Finance reached with its innovative and beneficial loans and advances. The principal business is to provide loans for the purchase or construction of residential houses.
GRUH Finance Ltd. associated with Mahesh Foundation for the past several years. Under their CSR policy, they have supported Mahesh Foundation in the construction of the computer labs as well as sponsored desktop computers for the digitized education for the children of Utkarsha. Through this many children from the community have also been benefiting. To date, more than 200 children from nearby localities got computer education using the computers provided by GRUH Finance.

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