Nutrition Support Contribution

  • Everyone feels hungry at times. Hunger is the body's signal that it needs food. Once we've eaten enough food to satisfy our bodies' needs, hunger goes away until our stomachs are empty again.
  • Malnutrition is not the same thing as hunger, although they often go together. People who are chronically malnourished lack the nutrients needed for proper health and development. Someone can be malnourished for a long or short period of time, and the condition may be mild or severe. People who are malnourished are more likely to get sick and, in severe cases, might even die.
  • We have witnessed that most of the kids of different slum are affected by "MALNUTRITION" and this count of affected children is rising day by day.
  • So we started "Nutrition Support" Program in which we make a survey around a slum and find people/kids affected by "MALNUTRITION" and provide them with right nutrition and we call for a sponsors and it is 1200/- Rs for a kid for the whole year.