Sponsor a Child

  • Child Sponsorship helps us Mahesh Foundation to grow economical, socially and it gives qualitative life to the children to full fill a child's basic needs & necessaries like Shelter, Daily food, health & Education. We seeks help from you in this regard your help may save a child's life it helps to builds his/her future you can make their life.
  • By the helps of some sponsors we have already adopted 55 children and if you are ready to sponsor a child we can adopt some more children we fulfill their dreams and goals we will make their future.
  • There are thousands of HIV infected kids who are waiting for helping hands like you. Mahesh Foundation has identified 55 out of thousand and providing food, shelter, education & health. It can help even more if you provide support and help. So please help us by sponsoring a child.
  • One year expense of a child is 20,400/- you can sponsor the amount yearly, half yearly, quarterly of monthly. These options are available in child sponsorship.