Children are the future of a nation. They are makers of change. They play a pivotal role in influencing their surrounds. It is therefore crucial to “Catch Them Young”. And inculcate in them the compassion – to empathize, and the conscience – to act responsibly.

The Foundation programmed is such an initiative of Smile Foundation that sensitizes privileged children of the existing disparities in the social order and motivates them to contribute their individual mite towards the cause of the less privileged. It brings together children from both the backgrounds – affluent and deprived, in an attempt to foster in the affluent children a sense of responsibility towards their less privileged counterparts, early on in life.

Before their minds are set with age, the visit of the privileged kids to make them count their own blessings and understand the plight of the less privileged ones.

And once they start realizing the worth of the privileges they are born with, they automatically turn their thoughts towards positivity and develop the right outlook. This eventually helps them develop into not only superior but successful personalities in life and develop the nation in all the way. In addition they grow up to become who individual development actors who contribute positively to the society.

We tied up with many schools around the city and we get the kinds into the orphanage an let them interact with our children so that the kids should have that thinking to help the less privileged kind and this will lead their mind to give something to the society and people in need. Alternatively we are making the little minds to make a great nation ahead.