Mahesh Foundation immensely values your contribution to bring a positive change in life of a person with HIV positive and Underprivileged Children We firmly believe in the philosophy of volunteering, which forms its operational core and making each volunteer act as a catalyst in altering the life of the disabled.
If you have passion to make a difference to the society, you can start by sharing your valuable time and skills with us.
We offer volunteering opportunities in the following broad areas of operations at Mahesh Foundation.

Direct Interaction with Students.
  • Volunteer for reading to the visually challenged students.
  • Volunteer for scribe service for the students.
  • Conduct tuition classes for the students.
  • Conduct tuition classes online through Skype voice chat.
  • Conduct classes on communication (English), soft skills & personality development.
  • Conduct general mentoring and counseling for the students.
  • Teach music, dance, games and other activities to the students.
Educational Support Services.
  • Assist in recording various course materials for the visually impaired.
  • Assist in scanning course materials.
  • Assist in editing scanned voice recorded course materials.
  • Conduct educational tours for the students.
  • Organize discussions and speeches by eminent people on various topics for the students.
Other Student Centric Opportunities.
  • Extend help in organizing regular health checkups for the children.
  • Assist in finding employment for the visually impaired, physically handicapped & the economically weaker students.
  • Support in organizing extra-curricular activities such as sports, quiz, essay writing, extempore speaking and other competitions for students.
Advocacy Support.
  • Promoting & propagating the activities of Mahesh Foundation.
  • Document real-life stories of Mahesh Foundation students.
  • Support signature campaigns, public awareness programmes, and community interaction.
  • Support our interactions with the Government and Corporate organisations for a positive change in policies for people with disabilities, visually impaired, and the disadvantaged.
  • Web Updation.
  • Content Writing.
Resource Mobilization.
  • Help us to find individuals who can sponsor student's education and accommodation.
  • Help us in identifying Trusts & Foundations who could support us.
  • Help us in tying up with established Brands (for e.g., a part of profit made by selling certain roduct/service can be donated).Help us explore the possibility of tying up with Multinational Banks - Credit / Debit Cards (e.g.: converting reward points into donations).
  • Help us in setting up charity shop.
  • Help us in procuring uniforms for our students.
  • Help us in identifying rich & famous personalities who can avail 100% Tax exemption if they donate to us.
  • Help us in identifying new donors.

National & International Volunteer Teams of 4-6 people can volunteer with Mamta Foundation for one week in Pune India. There are three main team categories: Support Team, Service Team and Partnership Team. Mamta Foundation's Team Coordinators can help volunteer teams to schedule a time to volunteer, provide you with a budget, itinerary and encouragement as you embark on a life changing experience through volunteering for Mamta foundation.

Support Teams.
  • A Support Team is designed with the first time visitor in mind.
  • The week with a Support Team offers the opportunity of hands on experience to share what Mamta Foundation is all about.
  • It enables the Team to learn about the history of Mamta Foundation, the present goals, and the many different ways they can participate and be involved in Mamta Foundation's future.
  • Through direct contact with the children, and developing a project to benefit Mamta's We hope to build long lasting relationship. For international teams, During the Team's experience in India, there will also be time for exploring the Indian culture. (Suggested donation of Rs.25,000.00 per team or Rs.5000.00 per person).
Service Teams.
  • A Service Team is a Team that provides a clearly defined, self-designed service to Mamta Foundation.
  • These teams are often educated about the program's needs and may be working with a specific department to fulfil a particular need but can also be first time visitors with expertise or a service to offer to the program.
  • Scheduling for this week depends on the Teams choice of service. Mamta's coordinators can help design the service team's itinerary based on the service they will be providing.
Partnership Teams.
  • Partnership Teams are made up of ongoing supporters, Rotary & Lion members, informal & formal groups, corporate partners coming to further investigate the needs of Mamta Foundation for potential funding opportunities.
  • The week would include extensive tours and meetings with NGO heads and 1 to 2 full days of volunteering in the project. Additional coordination for meetings, events, or leisure activities during the week may be necessary.
Things to Know.
  • Teams are made up of a minimum of 4 people and maximum of 6 people. If your group is less than 4 people please contact
  • Team Itineraries will be planned from Monday to friday. Additional planning for weekend excursions or travel will be done through a partner travel agency.
  • To secure your team's dates, please contact Mamta Foundation's Team Coordinators info@mamtafoundation.inThere is a suggested donation of Rs. 25000/- per team or Rs. 5000/- per person for Support Teams.
  • Please contact Mamta Foundation Coordinators to learn more or to begin planning your team's trip to Mamta Foundation in India.