Orphans Living With HIV

  • Communities and care Institutions are unable to resist the fear that the illness generates in the community.
  • Orphaned children living with HIV face blatant discrimination at majority of orphanages and institutions in India.
  • Often extended families abandon and reject children living with HIV.
  • When they are admitted to orphanages, all children are tested for HIV. Due to the pervasive stigma surrounding HIV, most orphanages are not willing to care for children who test positive.

CLHAS Living In Community

  • Many HIV orphans and vulnerable children live with surviving parents or extended family, who are often sick or impoverished themselves.
  • Children living in these situations are at increased risk of losing opportunities for schooling, health care, growth, development, nutrition and shelter, both as a result of limited resources and widespread stigma.
  • It is not enough to give these children access to ART. Many of their caregivers cannot provide adequate nutrition.
  • Children are expected to cope with harsh situations.
  • Their own desires, ambitions, social and emotional needs are ignored.