Lack of awareness about HIV and AIDS leads to rejection from main stream society. India registered 5.7 million cases in 2007. Karnataka state ranked 5th in India and Belgaum District scored 3rd in the state. Rehabilitation facilities for such children are not in proportion to the increasing number of registered cases.

Mahesh Foundation, a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of children and youth affected by HIV/AIDS in society by ensuring them education and encouraging them to fight against HIV/AIDS deadly disease.

Lack of sensitivity and awareness, societal conditions, general apathy is some of the factors that increase vulnerability and the risks associated with the spread of HIV. Mahesh Foundation has been engaged in addressing the needs of vulnerable groups with community participation at all levels.

By having a formidable presence in its area of operations and well-established networking, it has adopted Advocacy as its basic approach. Working in close alignment with Governmental and non-governmental agencies, it is striving towards controlling the growth of AIDS through preventive and aggressive strategies. Community mobilization is one of core strategies adopted by the Foundation to bring about a rapid transformation in the social conditions that make communities vulnerable to the spread of AIDS.

Hence our primary aim is to increase the life span by providing high protein diet, nutritional support and medical treatment, bring them in the main stream by providing basic education and exposure to society, provide rehabilitation, community health, women empowerment and spreading awareness and enabling social acceptance. We create an atmosphere of love, care, happiness and understanding for each child to ensure physical, emotional and overall development.

We call upon all of you to join us in transforming the lives of children and women living with HIV AIDs.