India Shelter Finance Corporation Ltd (ISFC) is the new name of the erstwhile Satyaprakash Housing Finance India Limited (SHFIL) which was granted the certificate of Registration by the National Housing Bank on 26th October 1998. The main objective of India Shelter is to provide credit to middle-income households to acquire new housing or to extend and improve their current housing.

Our Challenge

As we see, millions of women struggle to survive due to poverty and other reasons. Especially they are from economically backward communities and/or living in slums. Even some of them beg or do other activities to earn daily bread. They are unskilled and also face social and gender bias in Indian society.

Also, HIV-infected women face stigma and discrimination to work in the mainstream. There is a need of the hour to help them acquire skills and live an independent and dignified life

The Solution

We intend to provide skills to HIV-infected and underprivileged women. So, we have dedicated a premises for the same and one of the floors has been supported by India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited. Beneficiaries of Livelihood Center are HIV-positive women who want to become self-sustain in life or abandoned by their families and want to live independently. The slum dwellers women who are struggling because of poverty but should take care of their families. This livelihood center would help them to earn and support their families.


This life skill center provides long term solutions for the challenges being faced by underprivileged children and women and makes them strong and self reliance.

Self Reliance

With new mode of learning the children were able to expose themselves to learn new skills.


The Children were now provided access to technology, to cope with the modern era.

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CSR Report of India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited. in PDF Format


Some glimpses of the CSR Project undertaken by India Shelter Finance Corporation Limited.

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