Savita 16 Yrs
October 10, 2014

Rupesh 7Yrs

A four year old kid found begging around the village, he was suppose to be at school and enjoy the child life…!

His parents were HIV Affected and they died a year ago, he was abandoned by the villagers and even by the family members and the uneducated people of his school threw him out of the schools thinking that the HIV will infect the others too as he is infected by HIV. No one was taking care of him and he was just wondering what is happening around when a villager connected with Mahesh Foundation called Mr. Mahesh of Mahesh Foundation and informed the status of the child, Mahesh Jadhav and his team went to the Rupesh’s village and Studied his case and counseled him and Adopted him.

Rupesh is now been 3years with us, He is 7 year old studying in 2nd standard in Government School of Ramthirth Nagar, BELGAUM. He is now fit and Fine living like a normal kid and enjoying kid’s life. It all happened Because of proper nutrition and moral support given by Mahesh Foundation. Every Child Effected by HIV/AIDS will live long life if the child is given nothing but at least a moral support by the society.