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We connect those who are in need of blood with donors within the locality using our advanced geofencing technology.

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Help Covid-19 Patients!

Covid-19 recovered patients develop anti-bodies for the virus which are present in their blood plasma. Transfusing this plasma for the affected patient could boost their immunity and have the potential to help them to recover!


Why MyBlood?

With the geo-search feature, finding blood donors has become easier than ever. Enter your location and you will be shown the donors available in the closest proximity
Real-time Connect:
No delays in receiving blood anymore. Connect with donors and recipients in real-time
Get updates on blood requests so that you are informed the moment a donor is available or a request is made

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Here are some tips to put your mind at ease during theblood donation process

The day before

  • Have an iron-rich diet such as beans, spinach or meat, poultry.
  • Have a proper sleep of at least 8 hours.
  • Include more liquids in your diet

On the Donation day

  • Do carry your identify identification forms e.g. driver’s license.
  • Drink 2 cups of water before donating blood.
  • Wear a half sleeve shirt so that you can easily roll it up avoid fast food before donation.

After the Donation

  • Reward yourself with a snack as refreshment immediately.
  • Drink more liquids over a period of 24 hours
  • Remove the bandage after few hours
  • Don’t do vigorous workout & give your body rest


MyBlood offers a platform to connect volunteering blood donors and recipients. Blood donation has been prevalent for ages, however it is always a challenge to find the right donor at the right time. Blood donation through the years has become easier. For us to succeed in this noble effort of saving lives we are guided by multiple doctors and academics who are experts in the blood donation segment. Their passion and responsibility towards saving lives are depicted in these blogs below..

Benefits of blood donation

If you are thinking, “What good would it do to donate my blood!”, then keep reading. Many people hesitate to donate blood, thinking it is a tedious process and that they’d faint after that. First, let’s bust the myths about donating blood. These are the reasons why potential and existing…

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A Mighty Challenge Blood Crisis in Corona Times

All it takes is 350 ml blood to save a life. Whether it is red blood cells, platelets or other components; human blood is life giving. Ask anybody who has been through a challenging health crisis about the importance of blood.

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How can Technology help to reduce blood crisis in hard times?

Saving lives by donating blood sometimes feels over-exaggeration, and India remains the world’s most substantial shortage of blood, with all states together battling an enormous shortfall of 41 million units and demand…

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