Our challenges

All the children accessing the facility are first generation learners and they require lots of visual stimuli and teaching tools for successful learning. We receive no funds from the government, and we depend on corporate’s and individual donors for financial support.

The challenges faced by these first-generation learners are very different to children coming from educated urban families. First generation learners require lots more visual stimuli in the classroom as they get no form of encouragement or resources back at home. The biggest challenge for our children is developing language skills in terms of reading, writing and comprehending.

Their biggest strengths in these children are survival-based learning like excellent practical math skills. We build on these strengths and focus on children’s preferred learning style.

The onus is on Utkarsha to provide a visually rich stimulating environment. This is done through access to computers, smart boards, teaching and learning material that encourages hands on learning.

The teachers and the administrative staff are trained to handle the challenges of the first-generation school goers, under privileged and disadvantaged children. The teachers are sensitized and require a substantially higher level of commitment.  The teachers know that they have to make the education happen in the school with these children receiving very little or no support at home.  This requires regular training and professional development for all the staff.

Our Interventions

Utkarsha is presently catering for the education of over 75 underprivileged and medically challenged children from grade 1 through 6. Utkarsha understands that every child has a learning preference and a learning style. 

Our curriculum is drawn from a broad spectrum of essential skills for tomorrows jobs. We believe children need to figure out “How to Learn”. Utkarsha has created an environment for hands on learning, and our teachers facilitate this learning

Our Teachers

The teachers at Utkarsha are trained to handle the learning needs of first generation learners. They are aware of the emotional baggage and other related issues that the children come with to the school. The teachers focus on learning rather than completing the syllabus. Learning to understand and use it in everyday life is what Utkarsha stands for. Our teachers are ever ready to learn and share their experiences with anyone who has the interest to know more about our methodology.

Get in touch

In case you have any specific queries, do write to us and we will be happy to answer your queries.