Our Curriculum

Utkarsha has adopted Kannada as a medium of instruction and follows the Karnataka State Syllabus. The syllabus is a general guideline for the school. We draw our own curriculum keeping in mind the skills required in the current market. Our children use different hands on approaches to deepen their knowledge and concepts. Dance , drama, art and craft, painting, sports are some of the extra-curricular activities that our children indulge in on a daily basis.

Our Assessment Scale

Utkarsha focuses mainly on formative assessments and summative assessments are conducted to familiarise children with conventional assessment methods.

Children are not graded with numbers but a more open ended method is used to assess the children’s progress. An overarching approach which includes activities within and outside the classroom, written work, oral work, applying the learnt concepts in everyday situations is considered while assessing the children.

Diagnostic Assessment

A baseline assessment is undertaken for every child during enrolment. This will assist the teachers to determine the knowledge and skills the child has already acquired and plan appropriate interventions.

Utkarsha had adopted periodic formative assessment methodology.  This helps the school in understanding the learning and calibrate the teaching approaches that is tailor-made to suit the learning styles of children. 



Children who are able to ask questions to further their understanding and apply the learnt concept across situations.


Children who are grasping the taught concepts and is able to work independently without prompting.


Children who are showing signs of learning but with prompting and hand holding by the teachers

Pathway to Success

Our recipe for success lies in adopting best practices of teaching learning combined with the passion and dedication of a team that is working towards the mission. We strive to work on the children’s strengths and help them develop into wholesome human beings who have the knowledge and skills to draw their families out of the poverty cycle.

Get in touch

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