Our Impact

Our children will be instrumental in finding a way out of the poverty cycle their parents are stuck in. The Foundation already has many success stories where through the school support program over 25 underprivileged boys have graduated and are in various professions. The Foundation is focused in enrolling more girl children who access this facility. This will directly contribute in pulling their families out of poverty.

The children accessing the learning center are first generation learners. The challenges faced by these learners is very different to children coming from educated urban families. First generation learners require lots more visual stimuli in the classroom as they get no form of encouragement or resources back at home. The biggest challenge for our children is developing language skills in terms of reading, writing and comprehending. Their biggest strengths are survival-based learning like excellent practical math skills. We strive to teach the state curriculum keeping in mind our children’s strengths and their preferred learning style.

The onus is on the school to provide a rich visually stimulating environment. This can be done through access to computers, smart boards, teaching and learning material that encourages hands on learning.

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