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We have showcased four impact stories that has changed the lives. There are over 100 stories similar to this. We thank our donors and partners. 


Ganesh is an inspiration for other children. He is currently preparing for Indian Administrative Services (IAS) exams. 



Rajesh is living in the care home. He loves playing cricket. He aspires to be an engineer.


Anjali looked after her two younger siblings, studied under solar lighting and stood first in grade 12. 


The Foundation incentivised families with housing who sent their children to school


Even after facing many challenges, Srushti is living happily in our care home. She aspires to be a teacher.


Rabiya, who was deprived of education, is now continuing her education with the help of Mahesh Foundation.


Despite the challenges, she is strong and fit. She aims to be a Bank Manager.

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Ganesh's Story

Ganesh lives with his parents in the shanty town in the outskirts of Belagavi. The family lives under temporary make-shift shed without electricity, running water and sanitation. Ganesh continued to study under the street lamp and completed his high school. His family encouraged him to continue his studies but had limited resources to fund for his education. The Foundation identified Ganesh’s potential when he was struggling to continue his studies. The Foundation through its Education Support Program started to fund his education from grade 9 grade. With this financial support, Ganesh excelled in the studies and completed his graduation with excellent marks. Ganesh is currently preparing for Indian Civil Services examinations. He aspires to be an Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer. Ganesh continues to be a role model and he has a positive influence on the other children in the community. He is the Foundation’s evangelist for positive change.

Rajesh's Story


Rajesh (name changed) was born HIV positive by birth. Both his parents died of AIDS when he was 3 years old. After the death of his parents the orphan child was abandoned on the streets of the village by his relatives. Since Rajesh did not have access to ARV drugs, he developed multiple health complications and his health condition was critical.  One day a local villager called Mahesh and explained the status of the child abandoned on the street. Mahesh immediately went to the village and transferred the child to a government hospital for medical intervention. After a few days Rajesh recovered, and he was enrolled into the Foundation’s care home.  Rajesh is a teenager and is living in Asha Kiran, care home for medically challenged girls and boys. He is hale and healthy attending grade 7 in the local government school. Rajesh is excelling in his studies and loves playing cricket. Rajesh aspires to be an engineer. 

Anjali's Story

Anjali is the eldest of the three siblings. She has two younger brothers. The family is supported by her mother, a single parent. The mother sells petty items from door to door, earns around Rs. 200 on a good day and feeds the family. The family live in a 10 square feet temporary home built by Mahesh Foundation. Anjali’s mother’s priority was to educate the two boys. Anjali was encouraged to do household work and take care of the two younger siblings. The foundation recognised Anjali’s potential and counselled the mother to educate Anjali. In return the Foundation built a house for the family on a condition that Anjali will be educated. With the financial support of Mahesh Foundation Anjali excelled in her studies and completed her high school. She stood first in her class in Grade 12.  The Foundation has employed Anjali as Teaching Assistant in Utkarsha, the Foundation’s school for medically challenged and underprivileged children . She has enrolled into the D.Ed. program.  Anjali’s ambition is to be a successful teacher and assist her family and the community.

Housing Story

In 2013, the Foundation identified 26 poorest of the poor families living in the shanty town around Belagavi city. These families had school going children who were either left on the streets or they were doing odd jobs. Girls as young as 6-10 years were busy cooking, washing clothes, fetching water from common taps and taking care of younger siblings at home.  The Foundation approached these families and offered these families  a house if they agreed to send their children to school.  Over the last six years, the Foundation is successful in educating over 90 children. These children have either graduated or are studying. The Foundation regularly monitors the progress of the children.

Srushti's Story

Srushti is a medically challenged girl who is affected by HIV/AIDS epidemic. Being the HIV positive she lost her mother first and followed by her father. She become an orphan at a very young age. The age which she has to get the care and love from parents, had no one to take care of her. As the stigma attached to HIV had also resulted in the abandonment from her relatives too. She had abandoned by her relatives in the streets of Belagavi city.

Srushti was spotted by the healthcare staff with illness and soon admitted into the Government hospital. She became so much weak that doctors decided to prepare her death certificate soon. This news reached Mahesh Foundation as they went on to see the girl’s condition. Srushti had been shifted to the Mahesh Foundation’s ASHAKIRAN care home.

Mahesh Foundation taken care of her with love and affection. The supply of proper medication and nutrition had supported her in speedy recovery. She had soon started to go to school and now studying in 10th standard. Her strong zeal to achieve something great is supported by the Mahesh Foundation and she wants to be a teacher to enlighten the future of many orphan children.

The people who abandoned her are visiting Mahesh Foundation to meet her. This is all possible from the will power of that girl and now she is leading her life with giving her best and focused on her overall mental and physical growth. Anyone can change the society but first we have do develop ourselves, this is what Srushti says.

Rabiya's Story

The girl who was treated as a caretaker of her elder siblings had no clues that one day she can go to school. Rabiya is that girl who was locked at her home to take care of her siblings and had no schooling until the age of 8. She is living with her family in the slum and her parents are involved in begging activities. As they both are not in the house for the day, she should be the guardian of the family.

The slum dwellers have a blind belief that educating a girl child is an offence in that community. So her parents did not send her to the school. Mahesh Foundation got to know about Rabiya and intervened to educate her. But her parents and their community opposed so hard that the representatives of Mahesh Foundation were abused. Yet the efforts of Mahesh Foundation did not stop and they regularly visited the slum to convince their parents.

Finally, the parents of Rabiya agreed to send her to the school, now she is learning in the Utkarsha Learning Center, the school of Mahesh Foundation. She is studying well in the school and acquiring all the knowledge taught by the teachers. She has a dream to be a Police officer to serve the public.

Rabiya becoming an educated child along with this she become the reason to joining to the school of other girls who are her friends in the slum area. She also changed others mind who opposed her to go to school as they are also showing interest to send their children to school. Rabiya will succeed in her life and she will become an efficient police officer one day assures Mahesh Foundation

Priyanka's Story

Priyanka Kalagudi, a little girl who was living with her family at Hannikeri village in Bailhongal Taluka of Belagavi district. She was living happily with her parents and siblings which was like heaven to her.

The real monster HIV/AIDS was detected in her father and later all of them. This pushed their family into difficulties as her father was the sole caretaker of her family. He was unable to go to work and this failed to provide him with proper nutrition for a sustained health condition. Hence the death occurred in her family as her father passed away due to this deadly disease. Priyanka went in shock with her father’s death.

The mother of Priyanka is also too weak yet she has to go to work to take care of her kids. But her earnings were not sufficient to provide the much-needed nutrition and medication to the child. She couldn’t work properly because of her unstable health condition as well. Hence, she enrolled Priyanka in Mahesh Foundation to take care of her health and education.

Mahesh Foundation has concentrated over her entire physical and mental growth. She is back on track by the care and support of Mahesh Foundation. She is good in her schooling as she always gets good grades. She has completed 10th class and aims to be a Bank Manager so she opted for Commerce in college. She is in her 12th class and studying well to achieve her dream.


Priyanka is an example for medically challenged children because her quick recovery and a will to achieve something made her a special child.