Outreach & Advocacy

The primary focus of the program is to reach HIV positive men and women and provide them with access to healthcare and assistance to access various government programs.  This program is designed to reach over 5,000 people per annum in the cities and town around Belagavi. 

The Foundation regularly conducts various awareness programs in the schools, colleges, and various forums to create awareness and promote safe sex. 

Over the last decade, this program has directly and positively impacted the lives of over 1500 families. The Foundation has provided access to housing and solar lighting to those families who send their children to school. The parents have been actively counselled and encouraged to send their children to school who otherwise will be left begging on the streets.

The Education Support Program has supported over 22,000 children in primary and high schools in supporting their educational needs. Most of the children have completed their graduation and are in different professions. One graduate has joined the State Police Service as an officer, one of them has joined the Indian army and one of them is preparing for Indian Civil Service examination


Without the support of these partners our journey till date would have been unimaginable. We salute the partnerships. We are looking forward to more partnerships and touch more lives.

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