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Medically Challenged girls
would lose shelter !

Let’s help to build a separate hostel for girls.

Support us in building the separate Girls Hostel for 100 HIV infected
underprivileged children.

Rs.569,219 raised


Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship Details

Mahesh Foundation, since its establishment in 2008 has directly or indirectly benefited thousands of people and most of them are children. We are working in the field of Shelter, Healthcare, Livelihood, Education, Community development and many more with a set of well structured programs. These programs made an impact on the lives of less privileged children.
ASHAKIRAN is a ray of hope for HIV infected children who lost their parents and were abandoned by relatives. This care home is safe, clean and provides all the amenities that children need and most importantly mother’s care, father’s love, and affection of blood relations…Read More
Utkarsha Learning Center provides free quality education to medically challenged and underprivileged children who have little or no support at home. The school prefers skills along with the curriculum. Imaginations and creativity of a child are valued and help them…Read More
A support initiative for needy children who require help to get an education. Many hapless children in society still lack support in getting an education. Mahesh Foundation spreads a helping hand to give them skill-based education such as computer education, art…Read More
Women empowerment is the need of the hour in the present situation. Hence, Mahesh Foundation started an initiative, Mahila Udyog which creates a livelihood for the needy women and helps them support their families. These women are exploited and underrated in…Read More