“A wonderful job that Mahesh Foundation is doing for these needy children. They have to utilize it to create a bright future. The infrastructure provided for the children is really appreciable. I have been connected with Mahesh Foundation for so long and their efforts in providing a better life to the children is outstanding. It is my pleasure to meet the children and team. I wish them all the success in the coming years and may their work even reach new heights”


Conservationist & Social Activist

“It was wonderful to explore the premises set up by Mahesh Jadhav and the team for rural kids and children from the slums. Got an opportunity to share my work too. I commend the efforts of Mahesh Jadhav and their entire team towards making the underprivileged and medically challenged children to stand firm in society. I convey my wishes to the Mahesh Foundation team for their future initiatives”.


Conservationist & Social Activist

“I am spellbound with the energy that is growing after entering the Mahesh Foundation. Who you are and where you come from is not important, what you do and for whom you do it, is more important. I am thankful to the Mahesh Foundation team and the kids who treated me very well by giving flowers and welcomed me with a big smile on their face. Efforts of the founder of Mahesh Foundation Mr. Mahesh Jadhav and the team for society is excellent and I heartily congratulate them”.


International Artist

“I feel good and extremely happy to visit Mahesh Foundation. Impressed by the confidence of the children who are going to be ready for the world outside. The education, cleanliness, thought process, and self-presentation of the children is the most impressive. I appreciate the tremendous work of the Mahesh Foundation and it is an inspiration on how one should work for the society and really set the standards high. Their work in education, health, and slum areas are really appreciable”.


Founder, Niyati Foundation

“It is my pleasure to be here at Mahesh Foundation. I loved meeting the kids and staff. Being an achiever at swimming I still just got more motivated with the sight of the kids. Never seen such a wonderful campus which I feel like entered into a new world. I am having my own struggles but after meeting the kids and team of Mahesh Foundation I just want to go on doing better. I suggest everyone meet these wonderful children and be a part of their happiness”.


International Paralympic / Athletics

“I respect and value the sacrifice made by Mahesh Jadhav and his family for the children. I am enthralled with the facilities that are provided to the children. I am highly overwhelmed by the care and love for children at the foundation. I think to support needy children as a noble cause for them and their future. Mahesh Foundation in a short period of time became an idol in Belagavi and Karnataka. It is a proud thing that Mahesh Foundation originated from Belagavi”.


Ex- Mayor/ Social Activist

“Mahesh Foundation feels like a temple and children are the gods. The Mahesh Foundation is a very big family. I believe children are an asset to society and I praised the staff at Mahesh Foundation for treating the children as their own. As their mission says we care for the uncared Mahesh Foundation is a ray of hope for the needy children and shaping their future under this well-built roof. and I wish Mahesh Foundation greater achievements and luck for the future endeavors”.


Ayurvedic Doctor & Social Worker

“I heard about Mahesh Foundation and finally here. I was thrilled after hearing the story of Mahesh Foundation. I really praise Mr. Mahesh Jadhav for his dedication towards empowering the underprivileged children in society. I advise the children to make full use of the resources provided to them and be successful and useful people in and for society. I differentiate person (people) and personality, that all of us are (person) people and Mr. Mahesh Jadhav is a personality”.


PSI, Karnataka Police

“Commendable efforts put in to do such an excellent job for the orphans and especially the HIV affected children. I sheerly noticed and loved how all the work starts from ground level and that there is no rush in the execution of activities. I am extremely happy and am astounded by the work of Mahesh Foundation for the society. I wish them good luck for the future and their work towards uplifting the needy strata of the society may continue even better in the coming days”.


Social Activist

“Happy to spread the fact that the needy aspire for education and are an asset for the country and will benefit themselves. Highly impressed after looking at the facilities provided. Amused by the beauty of the campus and the well-built structure of the foundation. I appreciate the foundation for not leaving the kids stranded and for helping them shape their future. Totally inspired by the children and appreciated the dedication of the team. I am grateful to be here”.


Social Worker & Founder NGO- Sparsha Snehalaya

“My belief is, every recognition even if it is small is an achievement and every work either small or big yet makes the difference. Inspiration cannot be drawn by others but from oneself. It’s been a great moment to be here at Mahesh Foundation and happy after looking at these enthusiastic kids. I believe that working together is a path towards development and in synergy, there is a lot of energy. I wish everyone in the Mahesh Foundation good luck for the future endeavors”.


Amulya Boond Foundation

“Last year I visited Mahesh Foundation and reminded me about how small the foundation was and how well built it is. I am reminded of how the kids suffered previously and how healthy and happy they are now. It is wonderful and too good to see this all. Really, I congratulate Mr. Mahesh Jadhav and the team for their efforts. I would like to rate this team for making it possible for the needy children. I wish the foundation to reach greater heights and I am extremely pleased to be here”.



“I admire the facilities that are provided for the children. I praise Mr. Mahesh Jadhav for taking care of the children and looking after them just like their father. The education provided to the children is appreciable. I’m really proud to pay a visit and spend time with these beautiful children and the team. The premise that has all the facilities is really appreciable and never seen such a campus for the children. Gratitude to Mahesh Foundation for inviting me”.


Founder, Kranti Mahila Mandal/ Social Worker

“Enthralled with the beauty of the campus. The affection of staff towards their work and the kids is amazing. I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that all the activities, including school, food, medicines, and a lot of others at Mahesh Foundation are provided free of cost to the children. Mahesh sir is taking care of these orphan children as their children where many struggle to take care of their few. It’s a wonderful experience to be here at Mahesh Foundation”


Filter man & The Founder Nirnal Water Purifier

“My heartfelt admiration for Mahesh Foundation for the facilities that the organization is providing to the children and the very skill-based education that is imparted. It is a pleasurable time while interacting with the kids and the staff. I believe that the work done by Mahesh Foundation is a role model for society as a social service. I wish the foundation a widespread service and fame. I rate highly the hi-tech education that has been teaching to the children here”.


Child Rights Activist /Social Worker

“Highly impressed with the qualities of discipline, cleanliness, and respect the children showcase at Mahesh Foundation. I am aware of the name of the foundation and now that I am finally here, filled with happiness. We as humans think of visiting places far away and ignore places like Mahesh Foundation that are in our vicinity’. I am glad that Mahesh Foundation was close by and is a place worth visiting. It is a good experience to visit Mahesh Foundation and interact with the team and children”.


International Wrestler