A special school that teaches the first-generation learners how to learn.

What is Utkarsha all about?

Utkarsha in Sanskrit means “pulling upwards, abundance.” The Philosophy of Utkarsha is to teach children how to learn. The future jobs are for students ” who know what to do with what they know” and not just what they know. We at Utkarsh stand by its values and we are committed to providing the best of education to the disadvantaged, underprivileged & neglected children of the society.

 With the support of individuals and corporate investors, we have created the best-in-class infrastructure, suited for first-generation learners. The Center is located in the village of Kanabagri, on the outskirts of Belagavi. The Center opened for enrollment in June 2018.  In the first year, the academy had over 50 enrolments and was open for children in the age group of 6 to 11 years. The Center has concrete plans to extend one class every year.


Designing high-quality student centric programs that focus on developing well-rounded individuals with love for learning.


To provide a conducive learning environment and a holistic school for medically challenged and underprivileged children. 

Our Children

Children attending Utkarsha are medically challenged and children from the poorest of the poor communities. These children are severely discriminated,  neglected and are not accepted in the mainstream schools. 

Our Challenges

The children accessing Utkarsha are first-generation learners. The challenges faced by these learners are very different to children coming from educated urban families. First-generation learners require lots more visual stimuli in the classroom as they get no form of encouragement or resources back at home. The biggest challenge for our children is developing language skills in terms of reading, writing and comprehending. 


Our multidimensional and long term approach allows us to be a part of the child’s development journey from the early to later stages. We also engage with stakeholders such as teachers, government bodies, parents and communities, to bring about sustainable change, keeping in mind academic interests as well as the emotional and physical needs of the learners.

Utkarsha Premise Gallery

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KHUSHII NGO - Remedial Education Program

In 2006, the Swatantra Shikhaantra centre in Devli, Sangam Vihar was established with an aim to provide remedial education to children with learning difficulties in English, Mathematics and Science.


KHUSHII NGO - Supporting Child Education

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