Aadhar Vidya Program

For Knowledge is a river that quenches one's soul.

What is Aadhar Vidya?

Doubtless, education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. But, there is enormous inequality in access to quality education in India, resulting in massive inequality of opportunity for children. There are many unmet needs of basic learning material among the children.

Mahesh Foundation aims to make less privileged children self-reliant and lead a dignified life in the future. To date, Mahesh Foundation is externally supporting more than 7,000 children to get an education through the community program.

Mahesh Foundation also provides skills-based education to the children such as computer education, art, drama, sports and others. Many college students work as volunteers and impart their knowledge and skills to the children.

Our Challenges

There are lakhs of children around us who lack support from their families to get an education and are dropping out of school. Education is available free of cost in the government schools but many children lack support to even get their school equipment.

Poverty hit hard the parents had no option other than restricting children’s education. Such children are overlooked or discarded from the society. These children lack respect and affection. In an age of learn and play, the children are shouldered with responsibilities.
Children need support to cope with the competitive world to have a dignified life.

Our Solution

aadhar vidya

Mahesh Foundation reaches government schools and provides school bags and school stationary to them as well as free skills-based and personality development education to the children. Under our various other programs, we have provided income-generating employment opportunities to their parents so that they should not interrupt the education of their children.

We are geared up to use the best instructional practices to support the first generation learners. Our teachers work hard towards teaching these children how to learn. Our goal is to ensure that every child is provided with a clean canvas to explore, make mistakes, learn and grow.

Our children need role models. You can support our children by visiting us and interacting with them and help our children to weave a dream.

Our Impact

With all our benefactors We have been able to touch the lives of more than 7,000 children through this initiative. Many slum dwelling children have completed their education and are working in various institutions or preparing for competitive exams like civil services.

After giving opportunities to earn livelihood, their parents themselves send the children to school.

Voices of our Volunteers