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Be an Online Supporter

Sometimes even though we feel for a cause and want to be a part of the solution, our day to day work holds us back. At the end of the day we convince ourselves saying ‘I would have done my bit if I had time’.

We believe that if we have the passion for the cause and the spark within, we can make a child smile without disturbing our daily operations. Sign in as a Cyber Advocate for The Mahesh Foundation and all you have to do is:-

  • Forward the mailers to your friends and help us spread the word across.
  • Promote Mahesh Foundation in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us
  • Introduce Mahesh Foundation to all your online communities/ fan clubs etc
  • Download and use our screensavers, buttons, posters, wallpapers, banners etc

Blogging Opportunity For Volunteers

If you are a blogger, write about Mahesh Foundation in your blog and let people know that you support the cause. You can also write what you feel about Mahesh Foundation and the cause we work for and send it to us. We will publish it in our blog.

Online Fundraising Volunteer Opportunities

Mahesh Foundation supports 7200 children every day across 4 districts. We also plan to expand our operations to more and more locations. People across the globe are helping us raise this fund in their own small ways.

Register yourself as an online fundraising volunteer. Fund raised will go to providing meals to the children. Dedicated fundraisers are acknowledged for their efforts on select collaterals of Mahesh Foundation.

Social Media Volunteer Opportunities

You can become a social media volunteer for Mahesh Foundation depending on which Social Media site you are more active.

  • All of us spend some time on Social Networking sites. Why not for a noble cause? You can
  • Become our fan on Facebook and regularly like our post and share with your friends.
  • Tweet and re-tweet about us on Twitter
  • Share our YouTube video
  • You can be active in all or in any of these activities. Your effort will be acknowledged by us on our Facebook page.

Marketing And Communication

  • Communication Materials Audit and Creation (Article Writing/ Storytelling/ Brochure Content Writing /Campaign Writing )
  • Communication Materials Graphic Design (Logo design/ Poster design/ Pamphlet design)
  • Email Marketing System Set-Up
  • Facebook Ads, Google Adwords Set-Up
  • Logo Design & Brand Identity


  • Accounting System Set-Up
  • Financial Planning
  • Operating Budget


  • Website Audit
  • Website Set-Up
  • SEO Audit & Plan
  • Website Update

Teaching & Mentoring

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Management Skills Coaching
  • Subject specific Teaching Sessions
  • Creating workshop training
  • English Interaction Sessions
  • Microsoft office Training Sessions for employees
  • Remote work tolls setup and training

Content Writing

  • Case Study Writing
  • Website Copywriting
  • Impact Report Writing & Graphic Design
  • Annual Report Writing
  • Proofreading
  • Translation x to y


  • Training Plan Development
  • Hiring Strategy


  • Market Analysis
  • Online Survey plan and implementation


  • Organization Strategy and Goals Setting
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Process Assessment & Improvement Plan
  • Fundraising strategy

We Welcome Suggestions From Your Side

Besides the above-given options, if you feel you can support Mahesh Foundation in some other way being in line with the objective of the organisation, we would like to hear from you.

Please click here to download volunteering form, kindly fill it and send it to [email protected]

For all your queries Contact to: 
Geeta Hulamani
Head, Volunteer Initiatives 
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 7353767637 / 8494945327

Write to us, perhaps you will gain more than what you give. 


Without the support of these partners our journey till date would have been unimaginable. We salute the partnerships. We are looking forward to more partnerships and make a difference in the lives of more children.

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In case you have any specific queries, do write to us and we will be happy to answer your queries.