A step to take care in preventing ‘MALNUTRITION’

Mahesh Foundation is always been working for social causes but there is something which is not considered as a cause and not been supported in many cities, that is the “MALNUTRITION”. The “MALNUTRITION” is not the same thing as hunger, although they often go together. It not only is inflected to HIV/AIDS affected people but its seen more in the favela and this is caused by not having enough to eat or being unable to use the food that one does eat. The affected ones are poor and are not able to get nutrition for them and their children. Million people in the world suffer from chronic hunger malnutrition during childhood usually results in worse health and lower educational achievements during adulthood. This number is a slightly lower estimate than in previous years more than 2 billion people are malnourished and suffer from lack of micronutrients; one of the Subject we work and focus on is for better nutrition and eradication of hunger.

Of all the issues that call for our attention, nutrition is exactly the right issue to focus on. Malnutrition is by far the largest contributor to child mortality globally, it is also morally wrong that in a world with sufficient food, and more than 800 million remain hungry.

Even though the kids affected by HIV are allowed in to schools and they lead normal life, they won’t get the nutritional food regularly as the nutrition support more important than medicines which make them live a longer life.

Started a project called ‘NUTRITION SUPPORT’

Looking at the conditions of the kids and people affected by “MALNUTRITION” Mahesh Foundation has taken initiative and started a project of “NUTRITION SUPPORT” in which we provided nutrition support for 400 Children Living with HIV/AIDS in Belgaum district that adds up to 20% of total CLHIV in whole Belgaum district. The instances say that two CLHIV children on an average are dead because of non availability of proper nutrition food, as it is not practical to shelter all 1700+ children. Mahesh Foundation is trying to provide nutrition food to at least some of CLHIV so that it helps to keep them alive for more time.