The little children are seen begging and working in bars usually as they were supposed to be at school! Study and enjoy.

Mahesh Foundation, a non-governmental organization working for the welfare of children and women affected by HIV/AIDS and giving awareness to the youths in society by ensuring them education and encouraging them to fight against HIV/AIDS deadly disease.

As we thought of fighting against HIV/AIDS we conducted little survey around the District of Belgaum and we have witnessed that the affected HIV/AIDS family is orphan in one or the other way. We usually see that the HIV inflects the children by their parents and in most cases the child is single/double orphan, and this orphan child is never seen taken care by the people around after their parents passed away.

Mahesh Foundation started an orphanage called "AADHAR" with 11 HIV/AIDS Affected orphan children, where the children are been provided by their basic needs(Cloth, Food, Medicals and Nutrition Support), in which the nutrition support is the important facility which gives them the strength to live for more longer time and enjoy the life. The kids here are sent to schools regularly and seen developing themselves. The count of 11 orphan kids affected by HIV is counted 30 and went to 60 when we had open up a new orphan age "ASHAKIRAN" where more than 55 orphans are sheltered. Some of them are affected by HIV and some are just Orphans. With the goal to give them a normal life we have sheltered them under a single house called "AASHA KIRAN" and given a feeling of being with a family.

Mahesh Foundation as of now is sheltering 55 children. We aim to support and shelter at least 250 children by 2015. The foundation aims to mobilise resources to have its own building where in, the children will have all facilities needed under one roof.